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Myths about Private Chefs You Shouldn’t Believe

Hire a private chef for my event, are you nuts? They’re so ghastly expensive!

You may say that now, but are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? Or have you heard that from someone else,

who heard this rumor from someone else?

In the food industry, private and personal chefs are plagued with such rumors of being too expensive to be hired by “normal people”. However, the truth is that for anyone that has good taste in food, private chefs can happily provide their services as long as they appreciate the food.

Even here at Indulge, clients from the Hamptons, New York and even San Francisco contact us for our services regularly because they know that we are so affordable!

Dispelling Myths about Private Chefs

Although we’ve dispelled the above myth by using our own services as an example, still many other rumors circulate the common sphere about private chefs.

Here, we discuss the three most common ones.

Private Chefs Have a Fixed Menu

Actually, it is a common practice for private chefs to have customizable menus. Because private chefs are usually trained to prepare multiple cuisines, they don’t have any problems in preparing different dishes according to their client’s requests. In fact, many chefs even encourage their clients to share their own opinions about the menu so that they can deliver a more personalized dining experience.

Private Chefs Try to Cook Easier Recipes

Have you ever tried making a chicken wrapped in prosciutto stuffed with Italian sausage and fresh herbs? It’s not exactly easy!

Gourmet dishes do seem easy when a professional is cooking them. However, a lot of downtime goes into preparing a seemingly simple dish. Don’t let the quick work fool you. It took more than a decade of experience and grueling kitchen work for the chef to make that complex dish look like a piece of cake (figuratively speaking).

Private Chefs won’t Work for Two-People Events

Absolutely not true!

Although private chefs can easily work for parties with up to 100 people, many chefs love working for private events with two people. In fact, even here at Indulge, we have catered for many special proposals that needed a little something extra in the food department to make their night special.

Private Chefs in Hamptons and New


All the above information should be enough to ensure you that our services are available for whatever event you have in mind.

But if you want more information about how a personal chef can help add an element of perfection to your event, contact us today and let us enlighten you!

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