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Photos upon request.

Chef Sean McMonagle graduated from Philly’s JNA culinary institute in 2006 where his class nearly won PA’s culinary Olympics, and he has not stopped since. After helping to establish Restaurant XIX at the Park Hyatt, he lended his food creativity and next level ideas to restaurants all over Philly and the Mainline including his condiments and ice creams at Varga Bar and the French yet approachable menu that brought a name to Ardmore’s Ala Maison. Flavor combination and the ability to turn even “scraps” into delectable morsels are McMonagle’s strong points. Most recently, his energies have been focused on the development of his own craft salts and in home catering of date nights and intimate parties. He is currently splitting his time between the Northeast and the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where he’s working to bring sustainability practices to food and beverage businesses on the beach. With his vast experience, and unique ideas, he will dedicate all of his efforts into making your event truly special!

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