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Director of Events and Decor


An Alumnae and guest lecturer of the illustrious Culinary Institute of America, Chef Kersti is a 20-year veteran of the ever evolving food industry.  Concentrating on media related, on-camera projects as culinary producer and styling support behind the scenes for celebrity chefs; she is equally passionate to cook for her private clients and catered events.  During the summers, she runs a Popup restaurant housed in a lodge that dates back to 1925, nestled on top of a mountainous range in Sweden. 


A New York Native, strong influences of traditions and home cooking for Chef Kersti, come from spending a lot of time with her grandparents as a child in Sweden. “My grandmother made everything from scratch, often on her wood-burning stove. We would forage for mushrooms, pick blueberries, cloudberries, and raspberries while hiking. There was always fresh fish and wild game being prepared.”


In later years she was discovered on a NYC subway by the editor in-chief from Seventeen magazine.  Kersti Bowser became a top cover model in the 1980s, a profession she would pursue for well over a decade.  Amid all the glamour, Kersti harbored a secret passion; “While my peers were reading fashion magazines and shopping, I was reading cookbooks, collecting spices from my travels and hosting dinner parties.  I’ve always had a deep love of food.  I love the history behind it, the culinary methods and the origin of indigenous dishes.  When I traveled to foreign locations, I spent all my free time hitting the streets to see what kind of crazy food was out there.”

Chef Kersti has been described as “The Celebrity Behind the Celebrities” throughout her culinary career.  But for her, the honor of preparing and serving love through food on generous platters for clients and their families is what makes her heart sing.  Ever respectful and discreet of clients privacy and homes, she is very hard working, a stickler of keeping work areas clean while setting the tone for décor on table-scapes.  Procuring fresh ingredients from local markets are a favorite task that result in vibrant, Farm-to-Table, Gluten-Free and other various styles of cooking, crafted by Chef Kersti.

Photos upon request.

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