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"The Chef's at Indulge made a wonderful dinner for us when we celebrated my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago. The menu consisted of grilled shrimp with an incredibly delicious citrus salsa verde, a grilled watermelon salad with arugula, gorgonzola and balsamic reduction, chicken saltimbocca, and chocolate lava cake. He also surprised us with braised beef wrapped in bacon as an hors d’oeuvre. He accommodated for two pescatarians in the group which was very nice. Everyone agreed that the food was delicious!!! I was amazed that he was able to make such a wonderful meal and plate beautifully for 7 people in a such tight space. Thanks again Chef's!"

- Eunice C.

October 30, 2020

Recommendation for Chef Michael Giletto


We hired Chef Michael Giletto for a private dinner in our home on October 24, 2020. The dinner was a joint birthday celebration of my wife and my brother-in-law (my wife’s brother), whose birthdays are just two weeks apart. We hosted our immediate extended family (seven adults, three young children) at our house in New Jersey.


The entire experience was fantastic. This was the second time that I have worked with Chef Mike, and the previous experience was equally stunning and impressive as well.


Chef Mike was very creative in planning the dinner. We asked him to tie each of the dishes to several unrelated cities around the world that were important to the two birthday celebrants, and he was able to bring that all together naturally and seamlessly in the menu.


Chef Mike arrived with enough time to prepare all of the food at our home, and had the dinner

prepared in time for us to eat at the appointed hour. He ultimately prepared eight dishes, all in

different cuisines and each were fresh and at perfect temperature when we sat down to eat.


All of his dishes were impeccable, with just the right amount of spice and seasoning. Of the dishes, my personal favorites were the whole fish seafood boil, with a gorgeous full red snapper, mussels, and clams; the crawfish with garlic and seasoning; and the arepas. All of us ate multiple plates and were absolutely stuffed at the end of the dinner; the leftovers were claimed very quickly amongst all of us.


Chef Mike and his server did a great job arranging the table, including a very cute kids table that had drawing paper at each placemat with crayons, and a cute picture with each of the kids’ names at each place. They also left the kitchen immaculate at the end of the night. They were very warm and friendly throughout the night, engaging with both the adults and the kids.


I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others looking to work with an executive chef and am happy to share more details with anyone considering working with Chef Mike.

-Sreesha V.

My girlfriend surprised me for my birthday with Chefs cannabis infused meal. It was a truly unique experience that I won’t ever forget. First off, the food itself was phenomenal and was something you’d expect from a restaurant with a high-end tasting menu.

The creative ways THC was infused throughout the meal were great to taste and experience, making for a very exciting meal. I smoke daily and it takes a lot to get me really high, and this was the highest I had been in a long long time. Chef also supplied us with a number of different edibles like pop rocks and iced tea, that are all so tasty (and effective) that you can keep continue to enjoy well after the dinner experience.

I’d highly recommend Chef and the dinner experience to anyone who enjoys great food, weed, and wants to create a memorable experience.

-Rebecca P.

I wanted to send over a recommendation for Chef Mike Giletto. We have used Mike a number of times for our events and he is truly amazing. His attention to detail, professionalism and great personality make him a star at any event we are hosting not to mention his top quality culinary skills and delicious food! He is very diverse in terms of the menus that he can provide and is truly a world class chef. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my most discerning of colleagues. 

-Bobby R.

"Last year my boyfriend received a kidney transplant. During his time on dialysis there were a lot of foods he couldn't eat. This was difficult for him because we both love food. When the anniversary of the transplant was coming up, I couldn't think of better way to celebrate then to hire a private chef to cook us a meal of all the things he couldn't eat while waiting for a kidney. This led me to Indulge and Chef Oscar Monterroso. After some back and forth on the menu and logistics we settled on the date of September 8 for the dinner. Then hurricane Irma happened. Despite being stuck in Puerto Rico, Oscar still reached out to me and offered to have another one of his chefs do our event. Our main concern was his safety and we decided to wait until he was back in town to reschedule. The dinner happened last night and was better than we could've imagined! The food was delicious and decadent. Chef Oscar was accommodating and personable.
If you're planning a special event you can't go wrong with Indulge."

- Margie S.

"What a blast! Oscar was phenomenal! He was prepared down to every detail with food and supplies. The menu was perfect! Every dish was delicious and perfectly prepared. Oscar was also wonderful on service. As the host, I expected to need to do something to help but Oscar wouldn't let me lift a finger! Indulge has been a wonderful discovery for me and I am thrilled that we had Oscar for our first experience!"

- Anne R.

"Hands down, the service and food Indulge brought to our intimate dinner party was second to none! Not only did the chef's menu include the best dishes EVER made in my kitchen, his interpersonal skills were on point! To put it simply, my guests and I were beside ourselves with how delicious the food was. So good, you could taste the passion and everything was served at just the right moment. I appreciated that he made everything flow so smoothly. 100% satisfied - thanks again for the incredible experience!"

- Melissa D. 


Thank you for your feedback!

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