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Indulge – How We Provide An Exceptional Dining Experience

Hiring the services of a private chef for a special occasion is not just for the rich and famous.

Although it may seem like a luxury (it is), having a private chef prepare a special meal for your occasion can offer you a lot of benefits.

Now, if you hire a private chef from Indulge, you realize how our services are a lot different than your traditional catering. While they provide you with a service, we offer you a complete dining experience.

And to explain the different ways our services offer you the complete package, here we list some benefits to help you understand our purpose.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Chef


When hosting an event, you can hardly be expected to cook an entire meal for a large party. With your mind diverted to other tasks, the chef takes over the food preparation responsibility and offers a meal that you and your guests will definitely love.

Diverse Taste

A professional chef knows how to handle different dietary restrictions. If some of your guests are hardcore meat eaters while a few are vegans, your chef will be able to whip up an entire meal plan, keeping their dietary choices in mind.

Your chef will also be able to adjust any dish if any of your guests have any health issues or medical restrictions.


Believe it or not, hiring a personal chef can help save money for you. Instead of spending so much time and money on buying ingredients, preparing food and then saving up on leftovers, your chef will know exactly what they need and how much.

And even if a food item does get left over, your chef will make sure that the recipe can be reheated and eaten later. This saves the leftovers from ending up in the trash.

Hiring a Private Chef from Indulge

When hiring us through our reservation form, our concierge matches your requirements with that of an

experienced chef.

Our chefs first create an entire meal plan that works according to your needs.

They then contact you and inquire about the finalized menu so that you can book the event. The chef then arrives two hours before the event on the day with all the fresh ingredients they need.

They then prepare a wonderful 4-5 course meal so that your guests receive a complete experiential treatment. The total price of the service includes shopping, skill, transportation and cleanup as well, so all you have to do is pay the final sum, and then sit back and watch the master at work!

Now that you know how our services can help make your event special, hire our professional private chef services in New York City and indulge in a wonderful dinner experience!

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