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What You Need to Plan the Perfect Proposal

You’ve stuffed the ring box in your underwear drawer. You’ve asked your partner’s parents for their blessing,

and you’ve finally decided to pop the big question!

The only thing left to decide is; how?

Lately, everyone has become so creative at proposing that you’re just left feeling a little disgruntled. But hey, this is when classic ideas come in handy.

And what could be more perfect than proposing over a great home-cooked meal?

However, since your cooking skills are less than impressive, the best idea is to hire a personal chef from an agency like Indulge so that everything goes according to plan!

Preparing for the Proposal

Firstly, you have to do a few things to ensure that the proposal goes without a hitch.

  1. Practice going down on one knee. We say this because you will get a leg cramp if you don’t.

  2. Have your phone and camera charged (but on silent, you don’t need your boss calling you when you pop the big question)

  3. Clean the place up. Having a clean environment will only add to the perfection of the moment.

  4. Add personal touches, such as your partner’s favorite flowers, music or candles (but don’t go overboard)

  5. You can also invite your partner’s family for a surprise proposal. Just be sure to tell your chef so that they know what to prepare for.

Preparing with the Indulge Chef’s Skills


With an Indulge chef, they bring fresh ingredients in accordance with the customized menu that they decide with their clients beforehand.

The chef arrives at least two hours before the event to prep and cook so that the food is hot and ready to serve by the time the guest(s) arrive.

Their package usually includes a 4-5 course dinner although the dietary needs can be adjusted according to your plan.

Cleanup, shopping, labor and transportation, all are included in the package.

Hiring a Private Chef in New York

A wedding proposal isn’t something you get to do every day!

And for such an important life event to go perfectly, you need a team with you that will understand the gravity of the situation and will work efficiently to help you make the most of the night. And for that, you need Indulge by your side.

Contact Indulge now, and our concierge will pair you with an experienced chef from our team that will know exactly how to help you plan your perfect proposal!

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