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How You Can Help Your Private Chef Prepare for Your Event

Hiring a private chef for your special event doesn’t have to be the most intimidating task if you know how to go about it.

Firstly, you have to contact the right source i.e. Indulge to hire a chef that will suit your needs. Next, you must follow the guidelines given below so that you can help them provide you with the best services.

Helping Your Chef Prepare for Your Event

Lifestyle Needs

When hiring a private chef, tell them about the details of your routine. Do you usually eat out are you more prone to home-cooked meals or ready-made meals? Have you ever hired a private chef for your events before, or is this the first time you’ll be experiencing such a professional setup?

Your chef will find it easy to create a menu for you if they know what your preferences are. Remember; just because they are professional, doesn’t mean they’ll know the exact details of your taste just by the words “oh just make something that looks good!”

Dietary Choices

Aside from your lifestyle choices, one other factor that you must focus on is your dietary choices. If you or your guests follow a specific diet, or if someone has any food allergies, your chef must be aware of it. Also, if you want your chef to cater for a certain type of cuisine, you should tell them beforehand, instead of when they arrive at your residence.

Keep in mind that cuisine that offer complex flavors such as Pan-Asian or Japanese cuisines require plenty of time and preparation to produce the required result.

Additional Duties

Let’s take the services offered by the chefs at Indulge to clear this out.

When a chef from Indulge is hired for any event, the chef arrives on the day with fresh ingredients at least two hours before the event to prep and cook the meals. The chef then serves the host and the guests with a 4-5 course dinner according to the host’s preference. Shopping, labor, transportation and cleanup, costs for all duties are added to the total sum of services, which is fairly nominal compared to the sum charged by other personal chefs in NY.

In comparison to Indulge chefs, other services will not perform additional duties. As such, you must know what duties your chef is able to perform so that there are no issues afterwards.

Hiring a Private Chef in NY

Created by Oscar Monterroso, Indulge offers the best private chefs in New York City for your special event.

Once our clients give us the details of their events, we match them with the best chefs that we have so they can enjoy the most delicious cuisine for their event. Contact us today!

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