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4 Italian Delicacies for a Stellar Event!

Italian cuisine is all about love, life and happiness in a spoonful. As a pioneering cuisine that gave definition to the term hedonistic, Italian cuisine is must-have for any occasion that requires a sweet and savory journey for the palette.

Here at Indulge, our chefs receive many requests from clients for Italian cuisine for their special occasions.

But are you aware of what Italian cuisine entail—other than the usual lasagna, margarita pizza and pasta?

Four Examples of Italian Perfection


Crispy, golden brown and coated with a dusting of smooth yet crunchy breadcrumbs, Arancini is a regional specialty that will have you reaching for more.

Stuffed with ragù, mozzarella, peas and tomato sauce, these rice balls are a staple for the classiest of dinner parties.

However, if you feel that perhaps their flavor profile isn’t satisfactory for your palette, you can always ask your personal chef to create a new Arancini dish. Since this recipe can be cooked in a variety of shapes with different fillings, you will easily be able to find one that is more to your liking.


Light and airy, the dry-cured ham is an Italian favorite that originates from the deepest regions of Northern Italy.

Served uncooked, the cured meat is cut in thin slices and wrapped with slim slices of cheese or melons, or served with pasta for those who want to savor every bit of the flavor.


Consisting of thin slices of veal, this dish is topped with herb leaves and salty prosciutto to give off that delectable


Although saltimbocca can be prepared with a variety of different meats such as mutton and chicken, most lovers of fine cuisine prefer the veal and prosciutto combination because of its savory balance.

Just be sure to pair this dish with a fine wine that complements the heady flavor.


Gelato may receive all the attention, but it is the Torrone that deserves the accolade. Available in cafes and candy stores across Italy, Torrone is a creamy, sticky and fulfilling treat that is hard to beat.

Using different ingredients such as egg whites, citrus zest, toasted nuts and honey, Torrone is usually served as a decadent treat..

Even with your regular list of Italian meals, these dishes will add that special spark to your event.

Ask for these fine examples of Italian cuisine when you hire a personal chef from Indulge and taste the true essence of Italian culture in all its glory!

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