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Hosting a Vegan Guest for a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party and expecting some vegan guests? You have a conundrum on your hands.

Since you can’t use the regular meaty appetizers and heady main courses, you need to find a dairy-free and meatless way to provide your guests with an amazing dining experience.

But how do you start?

If you’re a new-comer to the world of vegan meals, then you may be in over your head. But not to worry; here at Indulge, we make sure that our clients receive the best information and service to make their special occasion perfect!

How to Start

Firstly, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you need help from the finest professional private chefs in New York City. Since we offer a complete experience, you get to benefit from high quality flavor and customizable menu service.

Second, for a successful dinner party, follow these tips to host a vegan dinner without committing any faux pas.

Tips for a Vegan Dinner Party

™Get all the Details

Now, since you’re hiring private chefs for your dinner, you get the benefit of customizing your menu with the chef’s help. However, before you begin, do a bit of research to ensure that your menu exceeds your guests’ expectations.

Before determining the menu, find out exactly what all your guests CAN eat. And remember, there is a huge difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. By asking them about their specific needs, you’ll only make your guest feel welcome and well-cared for.


Offer them the Menu Beforehand

This is a very straightforward way of taking the pressure off your own self. Before the feast, email a simple planned menu to your guest and include all the ingredients that are used and ask them about their opinion.

Ask them if they have any request for a dish. This will ensure that your chefs haven’t added any ingredient they won’t be able to consume.

™Find Help

As mentioned before, you will receive a customized menu from us, thanks to our personal chefs who will create a complete plan according to your needs. But if you want to try a hands-on approach, you can head to the internet and write down a list of meals that you may like to try.

This is a very good opportunity for all the foodies out there since you get to have a meal made by a professional in the gastronomical field.

™Be Respectful

As a host, you have to be extra careful about interacting during the meal.

Be sure your vegan guest does not feel singled out because of their eating choices. If during the party, the topic turns to why a person isn’t eating a specific meal, give the guest a chance to address the group.

But don’t let them be singled out for long. While some vegans may be okay with discussing their diet habits, others may feel uncomfortable.

With all this information and a little help from Indulge in NY, we are sure that your dinner party will tick all the right boxes for all guests who expect a decadent meal and an amazing night!

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