Chef Kristopher Edelen also known as Chef KPE. Firmly connected to his roots and looking towards the future, the modernist food lover is blowing the lid off traditional cooking, and is the next rising culinary star.  Chef KPE launched HOTPANnyc, providing international modernist cuisine to those who crave for gastronomic experiences merging from art, nature, music, fashion and science. He combines these to create adventure and a multi-sensory dish. This chef is on a trajectory to reinvent American cuisine, as we know it. His aim is to explore all gastronomic possibilities of International + Domestic ingredients, combining modern basis with current techniques. Chef KPE earned his chops at the Culinary Institute of America in New Hyde Park, New York and launched his career in exclusive restaurants and hotels . 

Black Snapper + Raw Milk Whip
Grilled Wild Greens + Porkbelly
Preserved Mussels + Fennel Sauce
Pine Ash Venison + Huitlacoche Pudding
Uni Sorbet + Pate de Dashi