Chef Kriss Kofi’s deep appreciation for delectable cuisine was developed at a young age growing up and watching his mother prepare his favorite meals. Born to Jamaican parents and having the opportunity to work in his father’s Jamaican restaurant located in Miami, Florida, by the age of 17 it was then that he decided to pursue a career as a Chef.  


Kofi was able to follow his dreams by enrolling in the U.S army as a food service specialist. During his tenure in the army he was given many extravagant opportunities to cook all around the world. From being stationed in North Carolina, USA to places like Afghanistan in Southern Asia, Chef Kofi’s has worked extensively to bring his talent to all areas of the world. Between 2010 and 2016 he’s traveled from Germany to Southeast Asia and has all the motivation to continue.


In July 2014, Kofi made the life-changing decision of going Vegan that being an even more strict form of vegetarianism forced him to explore all the interesting ways to create a delicious and enticing meal. This self-taught private Chef is inspired by culinary stars like Bobby Flay, Gordan Ramsey and Lauren Vanderpool. Throughout all his endeavors, Kofi explains that he considers himself a plant based Ital Chef putting a vegan twist on traditional cuisines.

He plans to build a successful reputation as a world-renowned traveling Vegan chef that can prepare highly nutritious processed-free foods.


Chef kofi  currently resides in Miami.